March 16, 2010 04:14 PM

Courtesy InStyle

So how does Gwen Stefani balance her ultra-successful rock star career with her design lines? Well, turns out, it’s all part of her plan for life after music. The InStyle cover girl explains, “I wanted so badly to have a backup plan for when I’m not performing anymore. Let’s be realistic: It’s not going to be like this forever. So I wanted to continue having something creative to do.” And its something she’s done her entire life, saying “I made so many clothes growing up, and I used to do my own costumes…all I would do was just daydream about what I was going to make.” While Gwen certainly rocks some hot looks on stage, it’s her off-duty wardrobe that’s made her a style icon to millions around the world. So what will happen to her stock of Galliano and Westwood when she’s no longer wearing them? Hint: If she doesn’t have a daughter, it’ll pay off big to be one of her sons’ girlfriends later in life. “I don’t know. I’m not focusing on it right now, but it’s not up to me anyway, you know? These things are miracles, so we’ll see,” she says. “Otherwise, the clothes are probably going to go to some girlfriend of Kingston’s!” To read more from Gwen Stefani, pick up InStyle‘s April issue on stands now, or check out —David Yi

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