February 17, 2010 07:00 PM

Courtesy William Rast; Frank Micelotta/Getty

In the midst of frantic preparations for their William Rast fashion show in New York today, Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala paused to talk to PEOPLE last night to share more about the upcoming collection, including this exclusive sketch. “We would be nervous if we had time to be,” admits Timberlake, while Ayala reveals that, “all of our buttons and rivets and trims got left in a cab last night.” Even within the frenzy, the pair still had time to wax poetic about the range, inspired by a “spiritual soul searching nomadic biker journey.” As avid road-trippers themselves, the theme isn’t entirely surprising: “We just get on our bikes and go,” says Timberlake, who expounds, “a year ago we introduced this concept of New America because we thought it was very timely. I think with that concept comes the concept of discovery and that’s sort of the theme of what we’re pushing forward.” Asked to choose favorites in the series, Ayala says, “Personally I’m a huge denim person myself and our jeans are really on point,” and cites a snakeskin print pair as his pick. Timberlake, meanwhile, enthuses: “I love our leather jackets. We have these tweed dusters on top of these tight leather jackets mixed with a little bit of a Native American influence on the girls with foxtails. It’s pretty cool.” With William Rast branching out into eyewear and shoes, we wanted to know how their personal style is evolving too. While Ayala cops to “wearing more black” while Timberlake professes: “I find that every year that goes by my clothing gets more and more simple. You just get things that are durable and wearable—that’s where I’m going.” – reporting by Michelle Tan


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