February 17, 2010 04:30 PM

J. Graylock/JPI

One of the perks of being an A-list celebrity like Demi Moore is getting first dibs on any fashion show look as it comes off the runway. At Donna Karan’s show in New York City on Monday, we caught up with the star backstage, who gushed, “I love it!” and said that the clothes were “full of elegance, wit, lovely feminine details—[and] still with the signature luxury and the texture of the fabrics.” Pondering which of the looks she’d most love to wear, Moore dismissed a striking white ruffled blouse because, “I’m not tall enough. Brooke [Shields] could wear that!” referring to her front row companion at the show. Last night, at the Cinema Society screening of Happy Tears, sponsored by Donna Karan, Moore debuted her pick: a beautifully shaped coat, patent leather necklaces, fitted blouse, skirt, and heeled boots that had been one of the openers of Karan’s show. At the event, Moore told PEOPLE, “I knew right away. I needed to go back and check to be 100 percent sure, but I was pretty confident that this was [it].” Explaining her choice, the actress said, “What I loved was that it was very simple. It will probably need to make a run through some editorial, and hopefully it will make its way back to me.“ And what does the designer think of Moore’s selection? “One thing about Demi. I’d have her design the collection, she’s so good,” Karan says. “Demi is sharp. She knew exactly what she wanted. She put it on, and she fit into it. Last night, she says, ‘That’s what I want.’ But I said, ‘I’ve got to make it shorter,’ and she said, ‘No.’ I can’t believe it it fits so perfectly. That’s what I call flexible clothing.” –reporting by Jeffrey Slonim


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