December 17, 2009 06:15 PM

Paul Buck/EPA/Corbis

At 40, Cate Blanchett remains one of the most luminous, fresh-faced actresses out there, so we were particularly intrigued to learn about the beauty secrets she spilled to Unsurprisingly, Blanchett is devoted to SK-II, the skincare line for which she serves as a spokesperson, but actually started using long before signing on, when she was pregnant with her first child and “became really dehydrated and started getting some discoloration.” A friend recommended the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, which Blanchett now claims to love so much she’d “drink if she could.” The working mom also says her favorite movie look was in Life Aquatic because, “I was quite tanned, which is really unusual for me. I quite liked having better color, because I’m ordinarily so pale.” To replicate the glow, she swears by bronzers—“Nars has a really good shade called Deep Throat. I picked it up and was like, “I have to buy that because of the name!”—and also cites Chanel’s Les 4 Ombres De Chanel and Lucas Papaw Ointment (“A great healer of the skin—perfect for when you’ve got a burn or a scrape, and it’s good for your lips, too.”) as makeup bag essentials. When asked how her routine has changed over time, Blanchett reveals a side the public has never seen: “Back then, I’d go to bed with my makeup on if I’d been out. And I went through a big gothic phase, so my pillow was always covered in black mascara and white pancake makeup.” For more on Blanchett’s beauty regimen, go to –Emily Hsieh

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