November 18, 2009 07:30 PM

Courtesy Glamour

If Leighton Meester could give just one piece of fashion advice to her Gossip Girl alter ego, Blair Waldorf, what would it be? “She could let loose a bit,” British Glamour‘s December cover girl says. “She’s always got every bow in the right spot and her headband perfectly placed. Tights to match her sweater to match her jacket to match her gloves to put on with her hat.” It sounds…exhausting. However, despite their different wardrobes, the Gossip Girl actress credits the show for her own edgy style. “This character has been an introduction to fashion,” she says. “I take my own cue and do something different. Blair’s much more classic – I like changing it up.” When it comes to her beauty regime, the actress ditches Blair’s rollers and irons for a more natural look. “I actually think I’m prettier without makeup,” she boldly states, and her favorite hairstyle is definitely headband-less. “I like it to be somewhat tousled.” Perhaps the only fashion item they do have in common is their love of gravity-defying high heels which, according to Meester, are responsible for her toned calf muscles. “It’s probably from walking in high heels — I’m not kidding!” —Monique Jessen

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