October 16, 2009 04:25 PM


What’s better than one hot store opening in a new location in West Hollywood? Two hot stores opening at once, of course! When Diavolina and Madison launched with a single party benefiting the Susan G. Komen foundation Thursday night hosted by Current/Eliott designers Meritt Elliot and Emily Current, Lucy Hale, Tichina Arnold, and Mandy Moore came out to celebrate. Moore, who works with Current and Elliot (they are also stylists) regularly, had something else her mind: her husband of seven months, Ryan Adams. “I’m learning every day,” she said of being married. “I’m lucky because I get to spend every day with my best friend and he’s a great influence.” And their pals second the emotion, with Elliot saying of the couple, “Being around both of them is a joy. They’re super fun.” Mandy also praises Emily and Merritt in turn, enthusing, “I’m always happy to support them, I couldn’t be more excited for their success. You know when hope for people and they deserve it and then it happens to the good people — there is justice in the world. I adore them and I am always happy to come out. Anything to show my love.” The other stars were focused on love of a different kind — retail love! “I’ve never been to Diavolina before but, of course, I’ve been to Madison,” said Hale. “I saw a really cute studded bag in there so I’m going to check that out.” Arnold was thinking bigger. “There are a red pair of Yves Saint Laurent shoes over there. I must have those. It’s perfect for the holidays.”

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