August 26, 2009 06:24 PM

Jemal Countess/Getty

Blake Lively may have spent most of her day working, but the Gossip Girl star got to celebrate her 22nd birthday in a sexy Kate Moss for Topshop dress, starting with a stop at the Tiffany & Co. and InStyle party honoring Maria Sharapova and Frank Gehry — who collaborated on earrings the tennis star will wear during the US Open. But that was just the beginning. “I have nothing planned. I’m going to a lovely dinner, but it’s a surprise,” Lively told PEOPLE before being presented with a chocolate birthday cake at the party, but one can only assume that she spending the rest of the evening with her beau, Penn Badgley, as she coyly replied to PEOPLE about the most romantic date she’s ever been on, “I don’t know. Ask me tomorrow.” Birthday romance aside, Lively is excited about the upcoming season of Gossip Girl. “We were terrible in high school, so you can only imagine how wild we are in college,” she says. As for the season’s high profile guest appearances, “Hilary Duff is on for a few episodes and Tyra Banks makes an appearance also. I’ve known Tyra since I was a kid, so getting to work alongside her was great. She’s so gracious and kind and Hilary is just a fun, sweet girl. I love getting to know her and having people on that we really enjoy.” So, aside from Ed Westwick‘s character, Chuck Bass, smooching another man, what other mass texts will Gossip Girl be sending come fall? “A lot will be happening. Serena is looking for her father, so she’s focusing a lot on that and Chuck and Blair are finally a couple!” Lively reveals. New episodes of Gossip Girl will return to the CW on Sept 14. — Carlos Greer

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