August 21, 2009 08:59 PM

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Designer Christian Audigier has a loyal celeb following for his Ed Hardy clothing line, but he also works with some of Hollywood’s biggest names. He’s currently ironing out details for a clothing line with Jon Gosselin and is busy piecing together items for a line he created with the late Michael Jackson. “I did a collection when Michael was still alive that he was loving,” Audigier tells PEOPLE. “It was a big mix between Liberace and Elvis Presley. I gave him the first catalog and he was just blown away.” The line includes items like a red jacket with Jackson’s portrait on it, a black leather belt with large buckle reading ‘BAD,’ silver socks, silver gloves, and an umbrella. “Michael really wanted me to make an umbrella,” he says, mentioning the kick-off point for Jackson’s planned tour. “I think it was because London is rainy.” There is only one thing that is slowing him down from debuting this new product. He needs approval from Jackson’s estate to release the line. “I’m talking to the estate and trying to get a deal,” says the designer. “I hope they understand I was friends with Michael and this is what I want to do for Michael.” Watch Audigier on Today discussing the line by clicking here. -– Jessica Herndon

Courtesy of Christian Audigier

Courtesy of Christian Audigier

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