June 18, 2009 10:10 PM

Steve Granitz/Wireimage

Since Latisse’s star-studded launch a couple months ago, Brooke Shields has been an enthusiastic spokesperson for prescription-only lash-growing serum. And the actress sat down with to talk a little more about her role with the brand. “I destroyed my own eyelashes while performing on Broadway because I had to use fakes — after awhile that takes a toll,” she says. Brooke took part in a fourteen-week trial of the product, which interrupts lashes’ natural growth cycle, consistently applying two drops of LATISSE solution on her lash line each night. “I am beyond excited with my new eyelashes,” she says. “Now my new eyelashes are so noticeable I don’t even need to wear mascara. I love it.” And while the results are impressive, they don’t come cheap, with a one-month supply costing $120 and ongoing use required to keep lashes from returning to their natural length. But it’s all worth it according the actress. “My husband notices everything on me,” Shields tells “And when I was looking straight ahead, he said, ‘Wow, your lashes are longer! That’s amazing!’” Click here to learn more about Latisse. Then tell us: Would you try a prescription lash serum to lengthen your lashes? — Linda Marx

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